Established in 2007, our first project was to design a new website for the Quebec-Labrador Foundation. Over time the client base expanded to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, non-profits, community organizations, and professional service firms. Service offerings and projects also expanded to include corporate intranets, Access databases for clinical studies and marketing intelligence, email campaigns, corporate fact sheets / executive summaries, social media, tourism brochures, donation solutions, scientific animations, and the writing/editing press releases. After ten years, QLF remains an active client.

Kevin Porter

Kevin Porter has over 30 years of experience in creative services, with the last eight of those years focused on web design and development, online communications, and social media. His first foray into creative services was a co-founder of a photography and presentation graphics business that served the greater Boston biotech community, with clients at prestigious institutions such as Mass General Hospital, Harvard Medical, Dana Farber, MIT, Genetics Institute, and Genzyme.


Over the years Kevin has pursued photography commercially and as an art form. He has worked extensively with small, medium and large format film cameras, digital SLRs, film and print processing (both B&W and color), alternative techniques such as Polaroid transfers, macro-photography, the Zone System, digital image editing with third party effects and filters, commercial photography, and studio photography.

The advent of digital photography opened the door to new possibilities and with it new ideas. No longer confined to traditional film and print processing, he started manipulating images with digital filters and effects, and creating prints on a variety of non-photographic media such as rag, watercolor, and handmade papers. The combination of digital manipulation and alternative printing techniques resulted in images unimaginable early in his career. His images have transitioned from true to life renderings, to artworks more interpretive of the scenes he captured. He continues to explore new ideas.


Over his career Kevin has worked in academia, the non-profit sector, the photo industry, conducted research in the life sciences, and founded two creative service businesses. Currently, he divides his time between his freelance design and communications business, and fine-art photography. Active in the community, he volunteers time to local conservation efforts and serves as Vice Chairman of the Andover Conservation Commission. Kevin has exhibited at Memorial Hall Library in Andover, and been selected as an alternate for the Artist in Residence Program at Acadia National Park.


Kevin considers himself a Multipotentialite: someone with many different interests and creative pursuits, but no one true calling.  If you want to know more about "Multipotentialites" click this link to a TED Talk by Emilie Wapnick or visit Puttylike.