Kevin Porter is an independent creative professional providing Web Design and Print Design services. He has over thirty years of experience in the creative services. Clients include small businesses, early stage biotech/pharma companies, non-profits, and community organizations. With degrees in the biological sciences, Kevin brings a unique understanding to the communication needs of companies in the life sciences.

Web Design & Communication Services

Creating Websites, Newsletters, Email Campaigns, PowerPoint Presentations, and print materials such as Brochures, Corporate Factsheets, and Tourism Pamphlets.

Clients include early stage biotech and pharmaceutical companies, environmental non-profits, professional firms, community organizations, and historical societies.


After a ten year hiatus from pursuing any serious photography, Kevin has picked up his camera to capture and create new images. The advent of digital photography has opened the door to new possibilities and with it new ideas. No longer confined to traditional film and print processing, he started manipulating images with digital filters and effects, and creating prints on a variety of non-photographic media such as rag, watercolor, and handmade papers. The combination of digital manipulation and alternative printing techniques resulted in images unimaginable early in his career. His images have transitioned from true to life renderings, to artworks more interpretive of the scenes he captures.

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